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Exile Is My Home

Written by Domnica Radulescu
Directed by Andreas Robertz

A sci-fi immigrant fairy tale that follows two refugee mothers on an intergalactic post-apocalyptic journey in search for a home. Winner of a Jane Chambers Playwriting Award.

World Premiere in April 2016
Theater for the New City
New York City (1-212-254-1109)

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Intimate Relations

"Luna's Bracelet" by Mario Golden and Beate Haeckl and "Searching for a New Sun" by Robin Rice Lichtig.

Directed by Andreas Robertz and Mario Golden.

Choreography by Nancy Ferragallo.

With members of the Intimate Relations Berlin and New York ensembles.

Intimate Relations is a reconciliation project led by OneHeart directors/producers Andreas Robertz and Mario Golden in collaboration with ten actresses, two playwrights, a choreographer, and a dramaturg. This project looks closely at the impact of the Holocaust in the lives of non-Jewish German and American Jewish women whose relatives lived during the time of the Third Reich.

The Slavery Project

"Birmingham Reunion" by George E. Joshua.

Directed by Mario Golden and Andreas Robertz

It's the turbulent summer of 2008. While a black man and white woman wage a fierce battle for an unprecedented presidential nomination, Arthur Holtzman, a longtime political and social activist, struggles to keep his 20 year interracial marriage afloat. Neglect, mistrust, and resentment, rooted in the traumatic crucible of American apartheid and slavery, may prove too formidable an opponent.

The Slavery Project addresses the social inequalities that persist in America as a result of slavery and segregation. An ensemble of eight actors who are descendants of slaves and slave owners worked with directors Mario Golden and Andreas Robertz, and playwright George E. Joshua, uncovering personal and family histories through theatre techniques. The work of the ensemble revealed that, while largely invisible, the history of slavery remains very much present today.